Weekend Updates: Cal Academy & Souvenir Shopping


It’s been a whirlwind these past two weeks as my in-laws were visiting. We’ve taken a trip down to Southern California, been on a picturesque island, and visited a few wineries back up north. Although I’ve been pretty busy, it’s nice to finally sit down and catch up! Expect to see a lot more posts in the next few weeks ?
Until then, here’s a little recap of what I’ve done this weekend.

California_Academy_of_ScienceAfter getting some work done in the morning, K and I decided to visit the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. Although I’ve passed by it’s grass covered roof a bunch of times, I’ve never actually been inside!

California_academy_of_sciences_dinosaurThis giant dinosaur was the first thing that greeted us inside the building

The Cal Academy has so many parts to it: an Amazon rainforest, aquarium, planetarium, and different exhibits from around the world. We started at the aquarium since it was the first thing in front of us ?

California_academy_of_sciencesOn the way over to the aquarium, there’s a huge albino alligator named Claude!

California_academy_of_sciencesThe way these jellyfish swam was adorable– I wish I could poke them (glad there’s glass separating us :x)

California_academy_of_sciences_JellyfishThere’s a separate little corner in the aquarium called the Tidepool, and you can actually touch some of the creatures (unfortunately, the jellyfish above were left out :p)

The Tidepool had a few different species of starfish, sea urchins, and abalone shells. There was also a friendly guide who talked about them in detail… Did you know starfish that live closer to the surface have stronger spines to protect against predators?

California_academy_of_sciencesHelllooooo, can you hear me?

California_academy_of_sciencesWhen somebody cuts you off on the freeway ?

Aside from fish, the aquarium also has displays that feature frogs, turtles, snakes, and spiders.

California_academy_of_sciences_penguinThere’s even a colony of penguins!

After the aquarium, we headed into a section called the Rainforest. They’ve taken a few different rainforests around the world, such as Costa Rica and Madagascar, and combined them. I think there were four levels with creatures like butterflies, birds, and plants.

California_academy_of_sciencesOne of the rainforest residents

Workers put ripe fruit so that the birds and butterflies can have a quick snack :)

The last thing we did was watch a short film inside the planetarium about Earth and other planets…California_academy_of_sciences_planetariumThe planetarium itself is dome-shaped, so everything you see on the screen is lifelike! It felt like we were really floating through the galaxy as we went from planet to planet. ?

SaturdayClement_street_SFSaturday was a pretty quiet day– I took a nice walk along Clement Street, but didn’t do too much outside since there was the Strictly Bluegrass festival in the park. A good excuse to sit home, binge-watch TV, and work on some projects ?

Boba_tea_SFGrabbing some milk tea with boba on the way home
Chocolate for K and green jasmine for me

san_francisco_souvenirOn Sunday I was supposed to meet up with my parents  and go shopping, but unfortunately they were stuck in traffic on the way over. However, we still bought some very cute souvenirs for our upcoming Russia trip! These glass spoon holders are so cute– my favorite is the Painted Ladies on the bottom right.

San_francisco_souvenir_magnetsI love magnets and think they’re one of the best souvenirs to buy. I have a little collection from my travels and I think there’s about 10 or 15 stuck to the fridge at the moment :)

piroshki_teaAfter an extremely tough hour of deciding between which souvenir shirts to buy, I headed back home. My mom gave me some of her homemade piroshki– one filled with jam, and the other with meat. A good way to wrap up the week and get ready for the next one. Promise there will be much more posts coming soon. Get ready! ?

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