Twilight Campfire Party at the Presidio: Gorgeous Views and Delicious Food

Twilight at the Presidio Campfire Party
Ever since I was a kid, I couldn’t understand the appeal of camping.
Besides being a mosquito magnet, I had absolutely no idea what to do in those situations: How would I make a fire? Which berries are delicious and won’t poison me? What should I do if a bear starts to chase me? (Don’t worry, I know the answer to the last one: you don’t need to outrun the bear, you only need to outrun your friend ?)

Thankfully, I didn’t need to venture far to get a taste of camping. San Francisco’s popular Off the Grid food trucks, which come together every Friday in Fort Mason, created a new event called Twilight at the Presidio. From April to October, Off the Grid organizes food trucks every Thursday from 4 to 9PM. They also provide little cabanas to shield you from the sun and wind!

Off_the_grid_presidioHere’s what it looks like when we arrived. Off the Grid provides the chairs, cabanas, fire pits, and little tables. There’s a section in front where you can reserve a spot for $100+, or if you get there early, you can sit towards the back for free.

Off_the_grid_presidioThe food trucks line up near the street. There were about 10 trucks during this event, but ironically our group ordered from the three above :)
(Bobchap / Southern Comfort Kitchen / Mozzeria)

Off_the_grid_presidioHere’s the food truck that I ordered from. I really like how they transformed a cable car into a mobile food truck (and even added a pizza kiln in the back!) One interesting thing that I noticed was that there weren’t any letters on the menu– instead, there were American sign language symbols. After a quick Google search, it turns out that the restaurant is owned by a deaf couple! There’s an article that traces the history of Mozzeria, which is definitely an interesting and heartwarming read.

Off_the_grid_presidioMy order was the Italian Sausage pizza (red onion, fennel, mozzarella, and garlic sauce, $12). It was so refreshing and delicious! Most pizzas leave this heavy feeling after eating, but this one hit the spot.

Off_the_grid_presidioAnd to top it off … this slice of heaven!
I’ve always wanted to try a cronut (croissant + doughnut mix) since it became popular about a year ago, and finally had the chance. Johnny Doughnuts, a dessert food truck, sold these for around $4. The cronut was unbelievable: soft, chewy, and there was even cream inside!

Overall, I had a really great first time at the Picnic at the Presidio event. Unfortunately we left around 6PM and didn’t stick around for the actual “twilight” part of the campfire party, but at least this gives me a reason to go back! I can’t wait to try different food trucks and watch the sun go down :)
Now your turn: What’s your favorite food truck or food truck dish?

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