Travel Freebies


Everyone loves free things, right? I’ll be the first to admit that I’m constantly on the hunt for promo codes and coupons, especially right before I purchase something. To that extent, travel promos are even better! If you want to save money on your next accommodation, transportation, and more, feel free to check out my promo codes below, and stay tuned – this page is constantly being updated!


Airbnb_Credit$30 Airbnb Credit

Apart from hotels, Airbnb is one of my favorite sites to book accommodations! The way it works is you rent a room, apartment, or house from a local (versus a company). I’ve used it in Los Angeles, Vienna, and Ukraine, and I plan to use it on my upcoming Europe trip.
Why do I love it? The prices are often cheaper than a traditional hotel, you often have access to locals (your host!) to get advice, and you’re protected by Airbnb’s guarantee. My favorite part is feeling like a local and getting to explore the neighborhood, since most Airbnb’s are located in the best parts of the city.

Uber_credit$20 Uber Credit

Uber is a ride-sharing service that lets you conveniently call a car from your phone. It’s available in most major cities, from Amsterdam to Zurich, and is easier and faster than getting a taxi. I’ve used it in over 7 countries, including my own hometown (which, incidentally, is also where Uber started!)
Why do I love it? When I just started using Uber, I loved how friendly and interesting the majority of my Uber drivers were. Aside from this, there are many different options to choose from: UberX is the cheapest, UberSUV is great for large groups, UberPool if you want to save money and carpool with cool people, and even more!