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Heya guys, long time no see!

I’ve just wrapped up my adventure in Egypt a few days ago and can’t wait to share some highlights from the trip (although if you’ve been following my Instagram, you might have seen a sneak peek!).

I’m starting a new blog post series of shopping hauls because I love seeing all of the interesting and colorful products in other countries. It definitely adds a kick to the stuff I have back home.  So to commemorate, the inaugural post will have some of my favorites that I brought from Russia. Enjoy!


Lipton Tea “Matreshka” New Year Set– Look at it! Isn’t this the cutest tea set you’ve ever seen? That was probably what everyone was thinking when I was shopping at Magnet. There were a ton of these in a bin and shoppers were crowding around trying to see what the commotion was. Some even picked a few boxes for themselves!
Each box was around 130 rubles (about $2). The matreshka is a metal tin, and inside is a small bag with loose leaf black tea, a Russian favorite. There were only four countries commemorated this year — Russia, Spain, India, and Japan — but they were super well done! I love the details and country-specific themes on each box :)


In Russia, it’s really hard to avoid chocolate and candy. There are so many delicious varieties from other countries (such as Milka, Rafaello, Cadbury) and from inside. What was I supposed to do? Buy them all 

From left to right:
Rafaello coconut balls // Mixed bag // Toffifee chestnuts in minty chocolate and caramel // No brand(?) fluffy marshmallows // “Caramel Bee” (these are actually fruit-flavored hard candies similar to Jolly Ranchers)

As you guys can probably tell, the Rafaello balls were gone by the time they arrived in California. Toffifee didn’t take much longer 


Next, we hit up the shopping mall.
The dress (2500RUB/$35USD) and beanie (1200RUB/$18USD) are from Lime, and the Matreshka sweatshirt is from Gloria Jeans (can’t find it on the website, but I think it was around $7USD?)


Finally, here are some of the smaller souvenirs. As you can tell, I love magnets and hoard them at every chance I get!
The three magnets on the bottom were made for Chinese New Year and feature cute monkeys. The monkey in the car says “May your dreams come true” and the one with the coin says “I bring money”. 
I also got a little crazy with the matreshka magnets (Side note: Did you guys notice there’s a matreshka theme going on?) and bought 7. There are even 2 matreshka cats on the left!
Finally, I bought some city-specific magnets for my collection: two from Volgograd and two from Moscow. I planned on giving them out to friends, but it looks like they might have to wait a bit… 

Anyway, thanks for going through my shopping haul with me! Next up I’ll open my luggage (again) and show you some goodies from Egypt. ‘Til then!

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