♡ HUGE Japan Shopping & Souvenir/Omiyage Haul ♡


Fair warning: this is one of the biggest souvenir hauls I’ve had this year grinning-face-with-smiling-eyes

One of my favorite parts of Japanese culture is their art of gift giving – there’s even a special word for it! Omiyage is a souvenir that’s specifically gifted to friends, family, and coworkers. However, it’s not just any regular souvenir from the tourist shop – omiyage has to be individually wrapped (usually in cute packaging) to make it easy to share. The first time I received an omiyage present was when my freelance clients, a small start-up from Japan, bought me “cat tongue” cookies* from Hokkaido.

The other reason why I love Japanese souvenirs so much is that they vary by region!
That’s right: if you visit a souvenir shop in Fukuoka, Tokyo, and Hokkaido, you’ll find souvenirs that can only be bought in that area – sort of like limited edition goodies. Paris has Eiffel Tower keychains, Amsterdam has wooden clogs, and Tokyo has … Tokyo Banana treats. That didn’t make much sense, did it?
Anyway, check out my Japan/omiyage haul below, and let me know your favorite. ♡

*-No cats were hurt in the making of these cookies
**-Sorry for the photos in advance, my usual backdrop was taking a vacation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Continue reading

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Russia Shopping Haul


Heya guys, long time no see!

I’ve just wrapped up my adventure in Egypt a few days ago and can’t wait to share some highlights from the trip (although if you’ve been following my Instagram, you might have seen a sneak peek!).

I’m starting a new blog post series of shopping hauls because I love seeing all of the interesting and colorful products in other countries. It definitely adds a kick to the stuff I have back home.  So to commemorate, the inaugural post will have some of my favorites that I brought from Russia. Enjoy!

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