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About a year ago, I made a life-changing decision … (drumroll) I subscribed to my first beauty box.

First was the TestTube, then came Ipsy, and afterward a few others joined in. I would get a new box in the mail every week, promptly tear off the cover, and try out my new beauty products within the next few hours days. I was obsessed with subscription boxes because it was like Christmas every week: new samples, new products to try, and even a few little bonuses.

Then, I got into Asian beauty products. Not like the, Let’s go to Daiso and get those $1 face masks. Oh no, it was much worse. It was like the intensity of a thousand K-pop fans (kidding!). I poured over forums, fashion/beauty blogs, heck, I even popped into the local TonyMoly store a few times and spent a good two hours with a friend. My problem with Asian beauty was that there’s just so many products!

Sure, I knew the popular brands, like Innisfree, TonyMoly, Mizon, and others, but I had no idea about new and unique products. Until I stumbled upon BomiBox.


About a month ago I was in the market for a new subscription box. Tired of getting the same products over and over, I wanted to see if there was an Asian/Korean box – did those things even exist? I found a few like Mishibox, Beautique, and more, but what really caught my eye was BomiBox.
When buying a subscription box, I always like to check out the previous months’ products and see if their style fits my needs. BomiBox’s hit it right out of the park: they had super cute ‘everyday skincare’ mixed in with higher end products, a monthly shipping schedule (because I’m super impatient, ha), and a reasonable price.

I took the plunge, received my first box a few days ago, and can safely say that I’m in love with BomiBox. The products and selection in the October 2016 box are amazing, and my skin has never felt better. Check out the review below for details!

Basic Information

bomibox_korean_beauty_subscription_box_review bomibox_korean_beauty_subscription_box_review

The unboxing! It came wrapped in some fancy paper and includes a card with the price, product information, and instructions.

The Box: This box was the October 2016 edition

Price: The BomiBox is $37/month, and you can get a small discount if you purchase the 3-, 6-, or 12- month plan. If you want to check out the box, use promo code BOMIBOXLUDA for $2 off!

Shipping: The box is shipped from California, and arrived super quickly to my doorstep – about a day after it was shipped! You’ll get a confirmation email and tracking number so you can keep an eye out for the postman.

Selection: 8 full and travel-sized products per box, plus a sample if you’re lucky ;)

Sounds awesome, right? Let’s check out what’s included!

[Heimish] All Clean White Clay Foam

Name and Link: Heimish All Clean White Clay Foam, $14 from Amazon
My Thoughts: Since I had to take off my day’s makeup, this was the first product I tested. It looks and feels super luxurious, even though it’s at an affordable price point (yay!).
The cleanser is a grayish color thanks to the white clay, and lathers up very well. After rinsing my face was feeling super fresh and smooth.

[Benton] Snail Bee High Content Essence

Name and Link: Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence, $20 on Amazon
My Thoughts: I used this essence right after the Heimish clay cleanser and as the beginning of my Korean skincare routine. It comes in a little pump and quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving it soft and slightly dewy. The ingredients include snail secretion and bee venom extract, hence the name Snail Bee (wouldn’t that be such a weird hybrid insect?)

[Skin Food] Rice Mask Wash Offbomibox_korean_beauty_subscription_box_review

Name and Link: Skin Food Rice Wash Off Mask, $7 on Amazon
My Thoughts: When I saw Skin Food in my box, I was *super* excited. It’s a super popular Korean brand that’s been a staple in many people’s skincare routine, and I finally got to try it! The mask is a watery consistency with little specks (that I’m assuming is rice). I put it on my face for about 15~20 minutes, washed it off, and my skin was soft and glowing. After a few more applications, I can safely say that I’m a Skin Food fan :)

[Nature Republic] Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream

Name and Link: Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Watery Cream, $12 from Amazon
My Thoughts: Aside from the cute packaging, this cream delivered a nice dose of hydration to my skin after being in the cold for too long. I was worried that it might be too oily because the consistancy was very fine, but the cream glided on nicely and sank into my skin for a soft finish.

[Holika Holika] Pig-nose Clear Black Head 3-step Kit

Name and Link: Holika Holika Pig-nose Clear Black Head 3-step Kit, $7 for 5 pieces on Amazon
My Thoughts: Just like the Skin Food mask, this Holika Holika blackhead kit is considered as a ‘holy grail’ Asian beauty product. And just like the mask, it was my first time trying it out!
The instructions on the back are in Korean, but the little card that came with the box listed the directions. I put the first strip on for 15 minutes to “raise” the blackheads from my pores; rinsed and put the second strip to extract the blackheads; and placed the 3rd strip to calm my skin and seal the pores.

At first I didn’t expect much from this, but omg, it went above and beyond. My 2nd strip looked like a little forest of extracted blackheads (sorry for the weird mental image). I wish I could put that strip in a photo frame as an example to other blackhead strips because it is amazing. About 80% of my blackheads were gone and my nose was left feeling fresh and clear. I think the reason why the Holika Holika kit does such a great job is because it’s a 3 step process. Instead of regular blackhead strips (like Biore), this one has strips to encourage blackheads to come to the surface, then rips them out, and finishes off with a soothing treatment. These things are so good that I’ve already placed another order on Amazon.

[My Beauty Diary] Mexico Cactus Mask

Name and Link: My Beauty Diary Mexico Cactus Mask, $11 for 10 pack on Amazon
My Thoughts: Even though BomiBox is a Korean subscription box, they don’t discriminate against other Asian beauty brands. Case in point: My Beauty Diary is a Taiwanese company that’s known for their sheet masks, such as this one! It’s great for dry skin, like mine, and contains aloe extract to moisturize and plump up fine lines.

[Dearpacker] Jeju Flower Mask Sheet

Name and Link: Dearpacker Jeju Flower Mask (~$2) 
My Thoughts: I looove sheet masks, so this second mask from Dearpacker was a nice little surprise. BomiBox had 4 available masks to choose from and I received the Rapeseed flower mask – the other three were Cherry Blossom, Cactus, and Camellia. This is another moisturizing mask, like the Mexican cactus mask above. I left it in the fridge for a few minutes for a nice cooling effect, put it on my skin for about 20 minutes, and finished off by patting the excess serum into my skin. It’s a nice everyday mask and I’d love to check out the others in the pack.

[It’s Skin] Babyface Natural Eyebrow Pencil

Name and Link: It’s Skin Babyface Natural Eyebrow Pencil, $3 from Amazon
My Thoughts: First off, this eyebrow pencil looks way more expensive than it actually retails for. Unfortunately, it was a bit too dark for my eyebrows so I gave it to my tester guinea pig mom to try. She loved the consistency of the pencil and versatility: use the sharp end to fill in hairs, or use the entire flat surface to quickly do your eyebrows.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I love my first BomiBox – it has amazing name-brand companies, a variety of products, and a reasonable price. Wanna know if it was all worth the $35 I paid? Check out my price breakdown below:

(Bonus sample pack of SU:M37 Programming Essence)

The total came out to $62, which is almost twice what I paid for the box. Was it worth it? Definitely! You can save $2 and knock the price down from $37 to $35 with the discount code BOMIBOXLUDA.

Are you excited about the BomiBox as much as I am? Let me know your favorite product below!

Note! I was not approached or sponsored by BomiBox for this review/unboxing. All reviews are my own. Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. I had a subscription to birchbox a little over a year ago and ended up cancelling because I felt I kept receiving the same things and I lost interest. Since traveling around Asia, I’ve fallen in love with their beauty products. I never would have thought that something like this exists, I’m so tempted to try this once I return home!

    1. I had the same exact problem with TestTube Beauty! Plus the great thing about Asian beauty products is that they’re perfectly sized or one-time use (like sheet masks). Let me know how it goes! :)

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