NEPAL TRAVEL TIPS: 28 Things To Know Before Traveling to Nepal (What to do – and NOT to do!)


Namaste and welcome to this edition of things I wish people told me before I went to Nepal!
These tips for Nepal aren’t categorized in any certain order and contain a few fun facts as well – most of these are from personal experience, chatting with locals, and from fellow travelers. To give you a little background, I visited Nepal in the middle of September 2016, for 9 days, with two friends.

Take a warm cup of chai, dip your roti into some palak, and enjoy these little nuggets of wisdom.

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BomiBox Korean Skincare Subscription Box REVIEW/UNBOXING + Discount Code


About a year ago, I made a life-changing decision … (drumroll) I subscribed to my first beauty box.

First was the TestTube, then came Ipsy, and afterward a few others joined in. I would get a new box in the mail every week, promptly tear off the cover, and try out my new beauty products within the next few hours days. I was obsessed with subscription boxes because it was like Christmas every week: new samples, new products to try, and even a few little bonuses.

Then, I got into Asian beauty products. Not like the, Let’s go to Daiso and get those $1 face masks. Oh no, it was much worse. It was like the intensity of a thousand K-pop fans (kidding!). I poured over forums, fashion/beauty blogs, heck, I even popped into the local TonyMoly store a few times and spent a good two hours with a friend. My problem with Asian beauty was that there’s just so many products!

Sure, I knew the popular brands, like Innisfree, TonyMoly, Mizon, and others, but I had no idea about new and unique products. Until I stumbled upon BomiBox. Continue reading

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